Success story: Dr Shruti Kapila learnt a lot starting her own business

For Dr Shruti Kapila, starting a business was a very steep learning curve and something completely different to what she learnt in medical school.



There are so many factors to think about when you’re looking to buy property for your practice. You’ve got to find a suitable space for your target market, big enough to grow, at the right price and financed in a way that suits your needs. Coming from a family of doctors, Cardiologist Dr Shruti Kapila had the added advantage of an experienced support network. The tricky part in growing her business, was time.

“We'd been looking for almost two years for a property,” she recalls. “We had looked at three or four properties that we wanted to purchase but we were just missing out. We lost quite a few properties that we were interested in just because we couldn't get the finance turned around.”

It was enormously frustrating for Dr Kapila because she had really thought through her options for purchasing. She and her husband Deepak Shankar had spent years discussing with their accountant how much they could borrow. And she had identified the perfect place to grow her business—Sydney’s CBD.

The family business

“I've always had this real interest in preventive cardiology,” she explains. “A lot of my training was done in suburbs where people would present their symptoms too late.

“But then there's another subset of people who are motivated, who come to you and say, ‘My father had a heart attack at 40, how do I prevent that happening to me?’

Executives who work long hours and are not exercising, or the young women who don't even realise that they are on their way to cardiovascular disease. Being able to target a group that you can help prevent heart disease in is something that's quite exciting to me. I can affect change early on as well as managing them later on. I thought a new clientele in the city would offer a different kind of experience, and be a good balance to the work I did at my other practice.”

It was also a new challenge on another level. Previously, Dr Kapila had been sharing rooms with the rest of her family in a renovated building owned by her father in Burwood, in suburban Sydney. The whole family are medicos, she explains: “My mum was a general practitioner, my dad's a hand surgeon. My sister is an ENT, and my brother is a dermatologist.”

That came in handy setting up on her own. “It was a good way to start with sharing all the costs that come with owning a business.

“Moving to a new practice meant we would have our own set of staff. My husband being a lawyer helped me get through all sorts of insurances and legal contracts. My father, having run his own practice for 30 years, was an excellent help in terms of the physical set-up, the phone lines, the compliance with Medicare guidelines, but also with contacts who could help us start up in terms of getting all the finance and all the equipment.”

Borrowing through super

One of the contacts her father introduced her to was Luke Truscott at BOQ Specialist. “Luke came to my house,” she recalls. “I think it was six o'clock on a Friday afternoon, the kids were running up and down the house, and he sat there at the dining table with us while we went through everything we needed.”

They had already discussed borrowing through their self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase the new rooms. “We'd been looking at how much we had in our SMSF. It's just myself and my partner and so the two of us had been looking at quite small units, 20-30 sqm’s worth of space, because we thought that's all we could afford.

“But Luke explained BOQ Specialist could lend up to 90 per cent depending on how much you wanted to do. He came back with the perfect offer. BOQ Specialist are so good at understanding the medical field. They understand how we work, why we work, what our motivations are, and they take that into account.”

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