New look for online banking

In the coming weeks the look of online banking will change, including new and improved functionality to make managing your accounts easier. 


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You will soon be able to offer others online access to your accounts; for example to a practice manager or accountant, with access levels controlled securely by you.

With our new “Delegated User Authority”, you will be able to select the permissions and daily limits that the delegate user will have on each account. 

For each function on each account (e.g. batch payments, transaction history etc.), an account holder/signatory can set for their delegate one of four levels of access:

  • None: No access to function or ability to transact
  • View: View details of function however no ability to transact
  • Create: Limited ability to transact – requires authorisation before payment is processed
  • Execute: Full access with function, and ability to transact without authorisation.

New benefits of online banking

  • Transfer funds easily between your different entities 
  • New and improved secure message templates
  • Personalise alerts on your accounts; choose from SMS, email or secure message confirmations for a variety of functions, for example Bpay or batch transfers

To set up a delegate user, contact our Client Service Centre on 1300 160 160.

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Over the coming months we will continue to improve the functionality to allow our clients to transact how they want to, when they want to.