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Online banking FAQs


  • Having trouble logging in?

    You can access your Online Banking by going to and clicking on ‘Register’ for the first time, or ‘Login’ subsequently.

    Additionally, you can download the BOQ Specialist Mobile Banking App to your Smartphone or Tablet to access your accounts anywhere, anytime. Please note that the first time you access Online Banking will have to be via the webpage on a desktop computer, however you can subsequently set up your Mobile app for future access.

    If you have forgotten your Login details, or experience any other issues with your Online Banking, please contact our 24/7 Client Service Centre on 1300 160 160.

  • Can't see your account?

    If you hold accounts under multiple names with BOQ Specialist (personal, joint, business etc.) and can only see some of your accounts, you may need to change the current entity that you are viewing. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Account Manager’ tab, and from there you can select which accounts you would like to view.


    Online Banking screens will default to show only six entities/accounts at a time, you may need to click ‘Next’ to see the next page of results.

  • What is a secure message?

    Secure Message is a secure way to communicate with our Client Service Centre through Online Banking. To access, click on the ‘Secure Messages’ tab on the main screen of your Online Banking. From there, you can view Secure Messages that have been sent to you, and also compose a message to send to BOQ Specialist.


    Secure Messages can be used for anything from asking a question, to requesting an international transfer or updating your account details.

Updating your personal details

Mobile banking

  • Can I access my accounts through a mobile app?

    Yes, BOQ Specialist has a Mobile Banking App that you can download onto your Smartphone or Tablet. To download, go to your designated app store and search for BOQ Specialist. The BOQ Specialist Mobile Banking app allows you to access your accounts anywhere, anytime. Please note that if it is your first time logging onto your Online Banking, you will need to do so via a Desktop/Laptop computer and not the mobile application or mobile site. Once you have logged in successfully for the first time you can then login using the Mobile App.


    Please note that the Mobile App is an extension of our Online Banking site and therefore does not contain all features of Online Banking, e.g. Statements, Secure Messages.

Transfer limit

  • What is the maximum limit?

    The maximum limit you can increase in online banking is $200,000.  For anything higher, please contact our Client Service Centre on 1300 160 160 (+612 9293 2121 from outside Australia). Your online security is our highest priority. We use robust solutions to help you stay safe online. To find out more, visit our online security page.

  • How do I update my transfer limit?

    To update your transfer limit, please follow the steps below:

    1. Log into online banking.
    2. Click ‘Other services’ on the main navigation and select ‘My profile’.
    3. Select ‘Limits’ in the tab.
    4. Under ‘Action’ select the three dots and select ‘Edit’.
    5. Enter your new limit and select ‘Update’
    6. If you’ve chosen to raise your limit, we’ll confirm the change by sending you a SMS confirmation code to enter.
    7. Select ‘Submit’ to finalise your new limit.

    Please note: your ‘Overall Limit’ acts as a master limit representing the maximum amount that can be transferred (inclusive of all other limit types) per day. In many cases you will need to increase your ‘Overall Limit’ in addition to your chosen limit type.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Client Service Centre on 1300 160 160.

  • How do I update the transfer limit of my delegate(s)?

    If a primary account owner makes an update to their daily transfer limit amount, this change will not adjust the amount of your delegate(s). To adjust the transfer limit of your delegates, you will need to update the overall daily limit permission within their profile, following the steps below:


    1. Log into to online banking
    2. Click ‘Users’ and ‘Users’ on the main navigation
    3. A list of delegate(s) will appear
    4. Under ‘Action’ select the three dots on the right and select ‘Permissions’
    5. A list of accounts will appear; select the down arrow 
    6. In the ‘Overall daily limit for this Account’ field, adjust the amount
    7. Select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen


    To finalise the update to the transfer limit, the delegate will need to log in to online banking, and update the limit on their end using the steps below:


    1. Click ‘Other services’ on the main navigation and select ‘My profile’
    2. Select ‘Limits’ in the tab 
    3. Under ‘Action’ select the three dots and select ‘Edit’
    4. Enter your new limit and select ‘Update’. If the limit has been raised, we’ll confirm the change by sending the delegate a SMS confirmation code to enter
    5. Select ‘Submit’ to finalise the new limit.

Delegated User Authority (DUA)

  • What is delegated user authority?

    The primary use of DUA is for account holders who wish to delegate access for another person to act on their behalf using online banking. As a delegator, you are able to select the permissions that the delegated user will have, and are therefore responsible for the actions they perform on the account.

  • Who can create a delegated user?

    A delegated user may be created by any client who is an account holder or signatory for one or more entity accounts. The delegated user is given a relationship to the nominated entity and will not be connected to all entities of the client.

  • Is there an application form?

    Yes, to set up a delegated user, the account holder/signatory and delegate must complete the Delegated User Nomination form.

  • Is anybody eligible to become a delegated user?

    A delegated user may be an existing or non-existing client. However, you cannot nominate a current signatory of an entity account as a delegated user. A signatory already has the maximum level of permissions of a delegate. 


    If the account holder still wishes to appoint the signatory as a delegated user, they will need to remove them by completing the Amendment to Account Signatory form which can be obtained by calling our Client Service Centre on 1300 160 160.

  • What levels of access can I give a delegated user?

    An account holder/signatory can choose from a number of different levels of access for each function (e.g. Direct Debit, BPAY, eStatements, etc.) within an account and for each delegated user:


    None: No access to function or ability to transact.

    View: View details of function however no ability to transact.

    Create: Limited ability to transact – requires authorisation before payment is processed.

    Execute: Full access with function, and ability to transact without authorisation.


    Similarly, each account can be set up to have a daily limit. The account holder cannot grant a delegated user greater Online Banking access rights than the delegator’s own access rights. If signing instructions are 2 (or more) to sign, a second signatory must approve the permission levels set up by the first signatory.

  • What should I do if I currently have a user with a view-only relationship on my account?

    Your existing view only access relationship will no longer be supported in the new online banking platform and will be replaced by DUA (of which you may give them ‘View’ access level). 


    As there is greater flexibility in what the delegated user can or cannot do, you will first need to set up their access levels. To do this, you can go to the ‘Users’ tab in Home screen, select your delegate user from the list, and choose ‘Permissions’. You will need to customise the access levels for each account as this is now controlled on account level. 

  • Can a delegated user access secure messages?

    Yes, a delegated user has access to the secure messages function. However, the secure messages of the account holder/signatory and delegate are independent from each other. The delegate will not be able to see any secure messages sent from the account holder/signatory to the bank. 

  • If I am an account holder, how will I know when a transaction is pending authorisation?

    Account holders/signatories can be notified of any pending authorisation requests via secure messages, email (via the email address registered for the client), SMS (via the mobile number registered for the client) and the notifications area on the home screen.

  • What limits apply to a delegated user?

    There are three limits that apply to a delegated user. The account holder’s overall daily limit, the delegated user’s overall daily limit, and the daily limit applied to each account of the delegate’s access levels (set up by the account holder). As the delegated user cannot have greater access rights than the account holder, the lowest of the three applies.

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