Check-up by BOQ Specialist

Welcome to Check-up by BOQ Specialist, a series of podcasts created specifically for current and future doctors, dentists and vets.

We have been providing specialist banking services to medical, dental and veterinary professionals for over 30 years and during this time, we have learned a lot about you and your needs. That’s why we’re here to discuss the issues and topics that matter most to you, at every stage of your career.


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Episode #1

What to expect as an Intern: let's talk about it

For medical students, the pressure is high throughout the years of study and only increases as you transition from student to professional, delving headfirst into the hospital system as an Intern. But do you really know what to expect?

We tackle the discussion from the perspective of the student and the doctor, to gain great insight into what to expect from your internship.

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Episode 2

Episode #2

Mental Health: Let's talk about it

Recent Australian research shows that doctors in training who work more than 55 hours each week have double the risk of developing mental health problems and suicidal ideation. 

 Tune in to our discussion with Mr Luke Lindsay, GM of Lifeline QLD where we discuss the contributing factors and investigate strategies to help cope with the stresses relating to a high risk mental state – let’s break down the stigmas surrounding mental health. 

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Episode 3

Episode #3

Commercial property - to rent or to buy?

As a practice owner, there can be many benefits in buying your practice premises as there can be when renting them. In this episode, we assess the pros and cons of each approach with commercial property expert, Dean Crozier from Health Project Services, and finance consultant, Thomas Wald from BOQ Specialist, and discuss why owning your practice premises can make good business sense in the long term.

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Episode 4

Episode #4

The Great Australian Dream: let's talk about it

No doubt you’ve all heard of The Great Australian Dream…the dream of one day owning your very own home. With Millennial buyers putting years of savings aside to achieve this dream, what is the key to opening the door to your very own home? 

Tune in to this episode to hear some helpful insights from those in the industry. This episode will enlighten anyone planning to buy their first home.


Episode 4

Episode #5

Electives: let's talk about it

While arranging an elective is part of completing your degree, it is something you need to organise independently and proves to be a priceless experience for most.

Amy Healy just completed her 4 week elective, where she was challenged both professionally and personally and she’s here to discuss all about it in this episode.




Episode 4

Episode #6

Interest rates and your home loan

On 3 May 2022 the RBA increased its cash rate for the first time in 12 years. Since then we have seen monthly rate increase and economists are predicting that there might be a few more rate changes to come.

Peter Munckton, Chief Economist of Bank of Queensland, and BOQ Specialist Residential Lending consultant, Avril Clutterbuck, unpacks the reasons behind these rate changes and share some strategies that clients could implement to still meet their financial goals. 




Episode 7

Episode #7

Banking terms: Let's talk about them

You don't know what you don't know, as the saying goes, and for many of us, it's especially true when it comes to finances.

In this episode, we discuss some of the financial concepts that frequently baffle us including Overdrafts, Salary Sacrifice and Term Deposits.

Semi Hadera, student and grad banker at BOQ Specialist, joins us to shed some light on these financial concepts that we might all benefit from learning more about.




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