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Building two thriving practices in a decade

Dr Reza Issapour and his wife Dr Mahkam Ghanbari immigrated to Australia a decade ago and own two thriving practices and their dream home in Brisbane. He explains how it all became possible.

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Dr Reza Issapour had been practising as a dentist for six years in Iran when he came out to Australia to visit his elder brother, who was a GP in Brisbane: “I just fell in love with Australia. The people were friendly, and the climate was just like where I used to live in northern Iran.”

He and his wife Mahkam, who is also a dentist, relocated to Australia under the skilled migration program.

In the space of a decade, the couple have built up a thriving business that consists of two dental practices in Brisbane.

They initially started off as employees at the dental clinic that forms part of the medical centre owned by Dr Issapour’s brother. Then in 2013, an opportunity arose to buy a 50 per cent share in it—and then just two months later, the second practice became available.

“My wife and I thought, ‘Okay, let’s do it. Let’s face the challenge’,” recalls Dr Issapour. 

Taking the plunge

They set up a meeting with BOQ Specialist to discuss the possibilities right away. 

“What I really liked is that they didn’t just look at our numbers. BOQ Specialist have a holistic view that takes into account your potential and ambition. My wife and I didn’t have any property or investments here, but they saw that we were two hardworking dentists and that we had a good plan to expand our business.”

In 2017, the Issapours bought the remaining shares of both practices, and after initially working six-day work weeks, they now enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

“The transition of going from employees to employer has been a smooth one for the Issapours. They are the type of dentists that you’d want to have treating you—and because of that they’ve been able to grow their patient base very quickly,” says BOQ Specialist’s Colin Taylor.

Outside interests

“When you have a new business, you must sacrifice your leisure time to make it a success. We used to work really long hours, but that’s not the case these days.” 

Dr Issapour loves sports and is a qualified tennis umpire, while his wife is a member of a band and plays a traditional Persian instrument called the Tar, which is known as the ‘grandfather of the guitar’.

Since 2014, the Issapours have performed pro bono dental work as part of Dental Rescue Day. “Being able to help those who have not been lucky enough to afford dental treatment is our way of giving back to the community,” says Dr Issapour.

In March, life got even better when the couple moved into their dream home in the Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe.

“We wanted something modern, but with character. And we finally found it. Our home was built in 1911—it’s a former wool store with seven-metre ceilings, an original brick wall and river views,” he says.

BOQ Specialist provided a loan to purchase the property and make renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms and to build a home cinema. 

“The acoustics are so good that my wife’s band comes around sometimes to practice,” says Dr Issapour.


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