Future Focus: Mitchell Gordon

Mitchell Gordon, 2021 FutureFocus grant recipient and medical graduate of Notre Dame University, Sydney completed his elective at the Home Unit at Frankston Hospital, Victoria.  

Mitchell’s original elective plan was to travel to Darwin to experience time in the Oncology Department of the Royal Darwin Hospital, Northern Territory. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this elective was cancelled at the last minute. Mitchell was, however, able to secure a place to complete his elective through Peninsula Health in the Home Unit at Frankston Hospital in Victoria. Read a full account of Mitchell’s experience below.


Hospital in the Home

Frankston Hospital is the principal secondary and tertiary health service provider for a large catchment area, including the Mornington Peninsula. Frankston Hospital utilise a care model called Hospital in the Home (HITH), whereby patients who are convalescing from various illnesses and surgeries can choose to do so from the comfort of their own home with the daily presence of nursing, allied health, and medicine. Patients are often hesitant to spend prolonged periods at a hospital and can become anxious about the care of their pets and other responsibilities at home. It is therefore reassuring to know that programs such as HITH are increasing their presence in Australian Healthcare for the benefit of each patient, as well as hospital budgets.

Goal setting

Being the last placement in my medical degree, my elective goals were slightly more ‘internship focused’ than previous electives I have undertaken. I had two main goals to achieve when commencing this elective.

I wanted to ensure I became competent in using Peninsula Health’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system (being the same system that I will utilise as an intern). I was really able to hone my EMR competency through medical review clinics. Operating in a similar manner to a general practice consultation, these medical review clinics allowed my confidence to grow, ensuring I felt prepared for my internship.

I also wanted to gain greater insight into the different allied health services available, gaining a deeper understanding of which patient issues are best solved by an allied health skill-set, as well as how they set and achieve their goals more broadly. Having the opportunity to experience practice in a HITH care model was invaluable in achieving this goal. I was able to assist in the delivery of patient care needs in their home and subsequently learnt about various technical dressings and medications requiring specific delivery devices. Working as part of a team with nurses and allied health staff really taught me how I can best utilise their skillset in my future as a doctor, to achieve the best outcomes for the patient.

Elective conclusion

I found my experience at Frankston Hospital to be a highly enjoyable, interesting, and put me in great stead to launch into my career. I am incredibly grateful to BOQ Specialist for affording me the opportunity to carry out this elective without the burden of financial stress.

The BOQ Specialist FutureFocus grant contributed to the accommodation and transport costs I incurred with this elective, and I am grateful for the assistance and support provided.

Developed exclusively for medical and dental students, each year the BOQ Specialist FutureFocus grants provide students with the opportunity to undertake an elective so that their commitment to helping others can be realised. Applications for our FutureFocus Grant open in May and close in August. 

You can also access funds to help undertake an overseas placement, with our Student Banking Package.


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