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Dr Chris Blair has taken a different approach

A tailored style and an understanding of his business has made him a vocal supporter of BOQ Specialist.

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Having founded PetFriends Vet Hospitals in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in 1973, Dr Blair is well respected in the veterinary community for his dedication. However his profile extends beyond day-to-day practice, with PetFriends having served the many pets and animals affected by the 2013 bushfires in the area. As Dr Blair said at the time, “I’m proud to say we saved all the cats and dogs that came to us.”

Dr Blair discovered BOQ Specialist when he sold one of his practices, along with its real estate and equipment, some eight years ago. “The transaction was not progressing and I could not figure out where the rock in the road was,” he explains. “Eventually, I asked my banker at BOQ Specialist to help me find out what was going on, and while it was not his role to help me, he very professionally explained the situation. It became very evident that they had integrity and experience.”

One such example of BOQ Specialist’s integrity is in the handling of Dr Blair’s recent finance for a new car. "The car dealership promised me the sky with their finance package, boasting that their early payout plan was very fair and reasonable. This interested me, so I asked for an amortisation schedule so I could see how their system worked. 'Oops, sorry, we can only give you the schedule after you have signed up.' I like to do my homework before signing, so this was a most unsatisfactory attitude." By contrast, BOQ Specialist arranged a competitive rate for Dr Blair, and provided an amortisation schedule within 24 hours.

The BOQ Specialist difference

Today BOQ Specialist manages all of Dr Blair’s finances, and he was delighted to find how easy the migration was when he decided to make the switch.

“All my applications for finance have been treated very fairly. We were each able to see each other’s point of view, so we came to an amicable agreement on all issues.”

It’s this transparency that Dr Blair most appreciates. “I started my first cheque account in 1960, so have been around the block more than a few times,” Dr Blair explains. “I am a discerning bank client. [While] I have noted with dismay the decline of service with the traditional banks over the past decade, I am pleased to find that the level of service at BOQ Specialist has increased.”

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