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Compare and select the right home loan for you with our key facts sheet*

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a home loan key facts sheet?

    The BOQ Specialist key facts sheet for standard home loans, sets out the pricing and other information for our products in a consistent format, allowing you to easily compare different home loans.

    All credit providers are required by law to provide a key facts sheet for standard home loan products. The key facts sheet is easy to use and was designed to help clients compare home loan features across financial Institutions.  

  • What information does the key facts sheet provide?

    The key facts sheet provides a summary of the important details associated with our standard home loan products. This includes interest rates, the costs of a loan, monthly/annual repayments and explains how monthly repayments will be affected if interest rates increase.

  • What products are included in the key facts sheet?

    Banking Package

    • Residential owner occupied and residential investment loan products.
    • Variable and fixed interest rate options
    • Repayment type is principal and interest

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    Basic home loan

    • Residential owner occupied and residential investment loan products
    • Variable and fixed interest rate options
    • Repayment type is principal and interest

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    Please note: Our fixed rate loans include a variable revert rate. The variable revert rate would apply after the fixed rate period has expired and is subject to rate movements during the fixed term. You can review your variable revert rate prior to the fixed rate expiring with your financial specialist. 



The BOQ Specialist key facts sheet is based on standard home loan information and does not include any special rate offers that may apply. We encourage you to talk to one of our home loan specialists, so they can explain any special rate offers, obtain a better understanding of your financial needs and explain the eligibility criteria. 


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  • Important Information

      The information contained in this webpage is general in nature and has been provided in good faith, without taking into account your personal circumstances. While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information is accurate and opinions fair and reasonable, no warranties in this regard are provided. 

      *You may request a personalised key facts sheet to help you compare and select the most appropriate loan for you. To generate a key facts sheet, complete the loan amount, loan term and the interest rate of the type of loan. If your loan type is eligible, you can also select whether you wish to take out our Banking Package. You then click ‘Generate a Key Facts Sheet’. When you click on this link, your key facts sheet will be generated which you can download and print. The key facts sheet is available for variable, fixed rate and honeymoon rate loans, as well as loans that are eligible for our banking package. Please note that the Key fact sheet only displays carded pricing and no special offers for a products or package, and repayments frequency is automatically set at monthly, although other repayment options are available.