A flourishing business and family

Dr Sven Nalder found a dream home, and with help from BOQ Specialist, has found room for both his business and family to grow.

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Dr Sven Nalder graduated from the University of WA in 2007. He worked for three years, then travelled for another 18 months. When he returned to Perth, he met his wife, Carol. The couple now have a 15-month old son and Dr Nalder is about to commence his Masters in Oral Implantology. He’s also in the process of moving his family from a two-bedroom townhouse—“it became harder not to tread on toys in our living space”—to their dream home by the sea.

The combination of restructuring his business, selling one home and buying another is a recipe for stress. But Dr Nalder has found that with help from BOQ Specialist, he’s been able to pull it off.

The art of dentistry

Dr Nalder and his two brothers Marc and Kai are all dentists. Dr Nalder jokes that, as the eldest of the three, he came up with the idea first. “My story is that I enjoyed guitar throughout high school and wanted to study music at university,” he says. 

“At the time my parents suggested finding a job where I could earn enough money to work a few days a week and focus on my music the rest of the time—that sounded great to me. Our next-door neighbour was a dentist and he didn’t seem to be working too much.”

Dr Nalder did some dental work experience, decided he really liked it and got a place on the course straight after high school: “Now I really enjoy the artistic side of dentistry and although I don’t get to play guitar as much, I am constantly working on my Spotify ‘work playlist’, which I probably play a little too loud at times—though my patients seem to enjoy it!”

Family ties

Dr Nalder and brother Marc set up their practice together in 2015. “Marc and I were both quite happy working as associates, but we eventually decided it would be nice to have our own business where we can have a bit more flexibility and hopefully financial reward,” says Dr Nalder.

Dr Nalder enjoys reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry as well as implant surgery while Marc does a lot of orthodontic treatment. Working with his brother “has its moments”, but Dr Nalder finds being family also makes it really easy to communicate any issues or concerns and come to resolutions. “We are also very like minded in terms of running the practice,” he says.

When they started out together, they split certain responsibilities. Marc focused mainly on marketing and the website, while Sven concentrated on the HR aspects of running the practice. Now days, they have the help of a practice manager which has freed the brothers up to focus purely on what they love.

“BOQ Specialist was extremely helpful when it came to restructuring our business finance. They met up with us regularly to make sure we got the finance across the line—we appreciate all the help Alicia Scher gave us.” As for the new home, Dr Nalder is happy that it will provide his family with plenty of room to grow. Just like his business.


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